Monthly support agreements are intended to make the cost of IT support more predictable for businesses, or private customers who need regular support. The prices below are per device and please note that the support only covers the device that it is registered to. You do not have to cover all devices you have, nor do you have to use the same level of cover for them all. Work on devices with no cover will still be charged at our standard rates.

For cases where three or more devices are to be covered a discount may apply, please contact us to discuss it if this is the case.

Please Note that for the services below mileage costs are not included in any form. For all on-site visits or collect and return services mileage will be charged at the double the HMRC standard rate for a van, which at time of writing is £1.18 per mile, for the outward trip only. This mileage fee only applies for locations within 15 miles of our offices. For locations further away please contact us for a mileage quote.


Bronze £10 per device per month

Provides LogMeIn remote support  software and unlimited hours of remote support.  Please be aware that not all problems can be fixed remotely. Problems on devices with the Bronze level of support will be given priority over normal jobs, but will come after devices with Silver and Gold support.

Remote support that is needed outside of “Normal Working Hours” (2) may incur a £15 per hour fee (£7.50 per half hour) but this will not always be the case as it is often easier for us to do such work from home when devices are not in use.


Silver Support: £20 per device per month

Silver provides all the benefits of Bronze support along with 2 hours of workshop or on-site labour, one free collect and return and a £10 per hour discount to any additional labour costs.  Silver devices take priority over Bronze ones and normal jobs, but still come after devices with Gold cover. As with Bronze level cover, remote support may incur a £15 per hour charge if out of hours. Workshop or on-site labour will always incur this additional charge if it is out of “Normal Working Hours” (2).


Gold Support: £40 per device per month

Gold Support provides all the benefits of Silver but with 4 hours of on-site or Workshop labour per month and up to two free collect and return services. It also carries the highest priority with any problem on a Gold device being worked on as soon as possible, further there is no additional cost to out of hours work on devices covered with Gold support.
Gold support is intended for truly critical devices that businesses cannot function without.

Important Information

Standard Charges
Remote Support £14 per half hour
Workshop Labour £25 per hour
Collect and return £15 plus mileage (1)
Callouts/On-site work in normal hours £35 per hour plus mileage (1)
Out of “Normal Working Hours” charge +£20 per hour (2)

Discounted Rates for devices with Bronze or higher support.

Workshop Labour £15 per hour
Collect and return £10 plus mileage (1)
Callouts/On-site work in normal hours £20 per hour plus mileage (1)
Out of normal working hours charge +£15 per hour (2)

1. Mileage is worked out at double the standard HMRC rate for the outward journey. Currently this is £1.18 per mile. This mileage fee only applies for locations within 15 miles of our offices. For locations further away please contact us for a mileage quote.

2. “Normal Working Hours” for this purpose only is defined as 09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Saturday and excludes bank holidays. ACS may choose to waive the additional fee on a case by case basis, this is often true of remote work.

Other Information

  • Please note that at this time ACS is not VAT registered.
  • The agreements above provide the LogMeIn remote support software and various forms of labour as described. They do not cover cost of any parts or accessories for devices, or any work on any other devices, peripherals or IT infrastructure. For example even if every device in a company was covered with a support agreement, a job to redo all the network cabling in the company would be charged for as normal, as that labour would not be part of the agreement.
    We will always try to solve problems for our customers as quickly as we can, however we make no guarantee as to how quickly we will be able to either solve any problem, or get to you on-site if you call us out.
  • Any device that has a support agreement will be given priority over something that doesn’t as described above, with Gold having the highest priority, then Silver then Bronze. Please be aware that support level is the main deciding factor on how quickly we will get to jobs when we are busy, not how severe the problem or how important the customer thinks it is, so we suggest that any critical devices be given Gold Support.
  • Many larger IT companies do guarantee to start work on problems within a certain time-frame; we are unable to do this so our prices are lower to reflect this fact.
  • Recovery of data that is not backed-up is not included in any support agreement. If you wish to discuss your data backup and disaster recovery solutions please let us know.
  • Our Support Agreements are not long-term contracts, they will be running on a month by month basis and business are free to change their agreement for each month or leave the scheme at any time, in which case they will be refunded the cost for the current months support if it has not yet been used.
  • ACS also reserves the right to terminate the agreement ourselves, in which case we will refund the cost of the current month’s support. If you are unsure about what this means please contact us to ask.

If you have any question regarding the information here please contact us on 01978 822135 to discuss the matter.