At ACS we have been building Gaming PCs and explaining just what a “gaming PC” is for many years and have had many happy customers. From parents buying computers for their children to enthusiasts who buy high end multi thousand pound machines.

To help us meet your exact requirements we have a machine in our shop with our IN-Store PC Builder” software on, you can come in and wither with our without our help “build” your own pc, pick what parts you want and seeing the final price change as you do so. We will be happy to help explain what each part does, and the advantages and disadvantages that need to be weight up to make a good PC for what ever budget you have.

Alternatively if you let us know what you want we can just make up a quote, or a few quote for you.

All our custom build PCs come with a 24 month hardware warranty with even longer warranties available if desired.


We can also build “semi-refurbished” Gaming PCs where we take a refurbished desktop and add new parts (mainly power supplies and Graphics cards, along with a new case if desired) to make a cheaper gaming PC. This is especially popular with parents buying the first gaming pc for their children.