Services for Home Users


We can repair almost all software or hardware problems for Desktop PCs, All-in-one PCs and laptops and many of the most common faults with phones, tablets, printers, external hard drives and more.

Common problems and prices:

For many simple problems we charge just £15.
Data Backup and Restore from £15
Computer MOT. £30 (General health check, cleaning and maintenance)
A full Windows reinstall £45
Virus/Malware Removal will cost between £30 and £60 (you can also chose to have windows reinstalled instead)
Hardware Repair/Replacements from £25 + parts
Priority Repairs – £20. In a hurry? Jump to the head of any work queues for £20, any parts needed will also be ordered on the fastest available shipping method.

For problems with an unknown cause we will perform diagnostics to find what the problem or problems are, then advise you on repair prices vs costs of replacing the items and what we recommend you do. There is an upfront charge of £25 for this service but if you either have the item repaired by us, or buy a replacement from us we will discount that £25 from your bill.


New PCs and Laptops
Refurbished PCs and Laptops from £100 with up to 3 Year Warranties
Custom Built Desktop and Gaming PCs
Printers, both new and refurbished
Routers, Modems and Networking Equipment.

Anything that we don’t hold in stock we will be happy to order in for you. We are also very happy to take the time to explain what makes a good pc or laptop, even if you don’t end up buying from us.

Give us a call or visit the shop if you are thinking of buying a computer.


If you have a desktop or laptop that you want upgrading, or if you are considering getting a newer, faster computer, but are unsure whether to upgrade your old one? Then come and see us. We can advise you on potential upgrades, how much they would cost, what kind of difference they would make, and how an upgraded machine would compare to a completely new one.

SSD Upgrades from £60!

One of the most popular upgrades that massively speed up computers is fitting an SSD drive to a computer. SSDs are microchip based storage devices that can replace, or work alongside traditional mechanical spinning hard disks. They are both immensely faster and more reliable. They shorten boot times in some case cut them down to a quarter or less, as well as speeding up almost everything else your computer does. With SSD prices falling all the time it is now more affordable than ever to have one fitted to your machine.

The £60 quoted above includes a brand new 120GB SSD, the labour to fit it and to move all your files and programs onto the new drive. Larger Drives are available and may be required for customers with a lot of data.


Callouts, Collect and Return Service and Home Visits:

If you are unable to visit our shop and need us to collect a machine, then return it when any work is complete, or have problem that needs to be looked at in your own home, such as networking issues, we are happy to come out to you. To discuss your needs and the exact prices please get in touch, see the contact us page for how to do so.

Remote Services:

Collect and Return – £20 we collect a machine, bring it to the workshop for any work that is needed and then return it when we are finished. Any work on the machine will be charged as normal.

Home Callout – £35 per hour in normal working hours. An additional mileage charge may apply depending on where you live and how long the job takes.

Emergency Home Callout – £60 per hour. While more common for our business customers sometimes people need or want a problem fixed very quickly or in times that we would not normally agree to do a callout. Emergency Callouts are for jobs that take place during shop hours or before 9 am, after 6pm, or on sundays.

Large Jobs – For large jobs taking 4 or more hours of on site work a custom quote will be made giving some discount to our normal or emergency callout rates.