The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on the 25th of May 2018 as such here is a list of what data we collect from you and what we will and won’t do with it.

Who I am:

John Growcott operating under the business name ACS Technology of Unit G1A, Wheatsheaf Workshops, High Street, Rhosymedre, Wrexham, LL14 3YE and I act as a data controller in regards to the information I collect from you. Please be aware that we are not associated with ACS Technology Ltd or ACS Technologies Ltd in any way and while many of my customers moved over I am not the same business as ACS Technology run by Mr Kevin Winks before December 2014.

The Personal data we collect and store about customers:

  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name if applicable
  • Your email address or addresses
  • Your contact telephone number or numbers
  • An address for billing purposes along with any addresses needed for visits or callouts

What we do with this Data:

We use the data listed above to contact you with details relating to any quotes, orders or invoices that you have requested from us.

And if you have given us permission to do so, may contact you regarding offers, new services or security threats.

We store this data for up to 5 years after you have contacted us or used our services and take all reasonable measures to keep it safe.

What we do NOT do with this data:

We do not pass any of your data on to any other party, for any reason, at any time unless we are required to do so by law, or we have contacted you to request and have then received your explicit permission.

How long will we keep your data:

We will hold your data for up to 5 years after you last contacted us.

Other Data:

Due to the nature of an IT support business, I also have access to much more data both personal and not that relates to my customers. This includes photographs, videos, passwords and more. This data will only be viewed or accessed if necessary for an individual job and will only be copied, transferred or backed-up with your explicit permission and will be deleted in an agreed time frame usually this is within 90 days of the completion of the job where copying such data was required.

This data will be stored in a secure environment within our office, with backups and will be encrypted where ever possible. Additional copies will not be made without your explicit permission.

This data will not be shared with anyone other than employees of ACS Technology and then only as necessary to perform the job you have requested of us. Unless formally required to do so by law.

The sole exception to this is if we find evidence of MAJOR crimes on customer’s devices. This includes but is not limited to Terrorism, Murder, Rape and Child Pornography.

Though again I would like to make clear that we do not access customers data unless required to do so for the job we have been asked to perform. For example, we do not look through every customer’s photographs to check for Child Pornography, but we will report if if we come accross it duing our work.


Your Rights/Right to be forgotten:

If at any time you wish us to send you a copy of all data we hold on you, or you wish us to delete all data we hold on you then you can write to us at the address listed above in the “Who we are” section.

Please note that by law we must retain some information about our customers for tax purposes and we will require proof of your identity before we will forward copies on any information to you or delete any stored information.

Invoking your right to be forgotten does not mean we will not store your information if you contact us again in the future, nor does it apply to customers who have outstanding balances of monies owed.