Computers don’t like heat

Is your computer overheating?

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying the hot weather. Unfortunately, your PC or laptop might not be. Controlling their temperature is always for many IT devices with Laptops, High Spec Desktops and even Routers suffering especially. Try to ensure that such devices no near in direct sunlight from windows.

Routers and other network equipment also don’t like being hot and the majority of such items designed for private, non-commercial use don’t have cooling fans and rely purely on passive cooling. These, in particular, should be kept out of direct sunlight. An overheated router will be unstable with your internet connection dropping out frequently.

What you can do

If your devices seem to be operating worse than normal, you have loud, easily audible fans or you see any errors or warning messages about temperatures or overheating you may need to look at cleaning out the cooling fans and heatsinks inside your device. For desktops, this is something that you might be comfortable doing your self though laptops are far more difficult.

Please don’t ignore any signs that your devices may be overheating. Running too hot will drastically shorten the lifespan of major components even if it looks like everything is still working fine and damage caused by overheating is often not covered under warranty as it is considered to be the user’s fault in some cases.

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