New Refurbished Computers Coming Soon

Over the last year I have stocked many refurbished computers due to decreased demand and being very busy with other projects.

Recently I was sorting out my shop and I realised just how many machines I had waiting around to be repaired ready to be sold.

So I have renewed my Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Agreement and I am now working on the first four refurbished computers, two are desktops and two are laptops and by the end of next week I am hoping to have these and several more ready to sell.

Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, and the larger Authorised Refurbishers are the only companies officially approved to refurbish devices running Microsoft Windows.

To check if a business is a Registered or Authorised Refurbisher you can look them up in microsoft’s directory via the link below. You will Find me under ACS Technology if you look for UK refurbishers, or you can find me directly by looking up my Organisation ID of 240007991.

Refurbisher Directory:

Explanation of the Refurbisher Program:

So if you are looking for cheap refurbished computers, whether PCs or Laptops, with proper Windows 10 licences and warranties watch this space or get in touch if you would like some more information now.