Server Migration

Hi all,

Following the issues that I have had with malware infecting my web hosting servers over the past month I have begun moving to a new hosting provider.

At this point, I have moved my own website along with the first client website to the new servers.

In addition to being much more secure the new servers are faster, more reliable and provide far more storage space for websites to grow into. They also provide lots of built in features for better management of SOE and traffic stats so they should provide a much better service over all.

I am currently moving over three more websites for my next client and if everything goes well soon i will have transferred everyone’s websites across and can start concentrating on gaining new clients and offering improved service to my current ones, instead of constantly dealing with security threats.

I again apologise to anyone who did encounter problems with any of the websites I host and to those clients, but hopefully, you will see I have taken these issues very seriously and taken great precautions to prevent this from ever happening again.


John Growcott